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48 hours

May 22nd, 2019

Hard to believe but OH SO TRUE, in 48 hours we will be looking back on the 2018-2019 school year.

The above 3 students and their families will be attendance at our closing.  Little Natalia has a busy day of appointments and therapies because that’s what little Deaf girls do on Fridays!  Mizael has been sicker than before – of course, there is a cumulative effect on his body so any more illness seems worse than any previous sick-day – so keep him in your prayers.

While his teacher was explaining to Diego today that they had only ONE MORE DAY OF SCHOOL, he got an oh so serious look on his face. WHAT? Yes after tomorrow, no more school for… and looking through the daily calendar, located August 12 – THIS many days. WHAT?

Yes Diego, no more you and me sitting at this table for 2 whole months.


Oh dear, but I will take you to ASL camp with me and you will come to my church camp and we will still see each other…

Oh dear… imagine being home where no one takes time to sit with JUST YOU and play a game with JUST YOU?  Imagine being on the outside of most conversations because the conversations flow SO quickly that to follow them by sight, by lipreading, it’s impossible to keep up?  Imagine being immersed in an environment where no one is aware that you are missing out?  That’s the life of most Deaf children. Pray for the kids in the summer time.  Pray for the Deaf adults for whom this is daily life.  Pray for workers who will come and be WITH them…

And praise God that He is always with us…