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Our Facilities

4 classrooms, dining room seating 30, chapel/multi-purpose room, play ground with cement basketball court, office and private meeting room, small laundry facilities, library with computer lab and TV.

Dorm facility 1 is above the classroom building.

There are presently 2 bedrooms for MALE work team members which sleep 7 available.
The last room with the single bed is used by a 7 year old male residential student during the school week.

dorm over classrooms three rooms


A 2 shower bathroom and small kitchenette are part of this dorm facility.

dorm bathroom


The laundry room and porch are shared with the staff apartment that is beside the guest suite. The staff kitchen with bathroom to the left and the dorm kitchenette:

staff kitchen and dorm kitchenette


The staff apartment has three bedrooms – one presently used by residential female students, one used by variety of female workers and the other for the dorm counselor (female). This shows one of the worker bedrooms with two beds and the staff living room.

staff apartment bedroom and living room


Our dorm suite will be coming in photos later.