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CSCD Staff-related Blogs and Churches


Betsy’s Blog

Calvary Baptist Church
Calvary Bible Church
Betsy Hoke’s sending church

Opawa Baptist Church
Judy More’s sending church

Other ministry links of interest including links to former workers’ websites, blogs and ministries:

Alan Mowbray’s blog

Biblical Ministries Worldwide  Bob and Karon Schneider

Calvary Baptist Bible College  Shirley Dubber (ESD 1995)

Commission on Compassion   Muriel Hersom (ESD 1960s)  Deaf-blind ministry in Los Angeles California

JAARS – Greg and Debbie Milliken (ESD 1994)

Andrew and Tonya LunauSmith’s  Blog   Andrew and Tonya Lunau Smith (ESD 2007)

Mission Nanny – Betty Sullins

Wycliffe Bible Translators

 Bible for Children resource pages

Clubs and Organizations that help CSCD by volunteering

East End Art Guild association of artist on the East end of Puerto Rico

Palmas Community Church

Lauren DiMateo’s photo shoot of PR 2008