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End of School Year Celebration

May 25th, 2019


Diego receives his 1st grade awardWe started our LAST DAY celebration with a handbell number followed by a PPT recognizing DIEGO for completing the work of FIRST GRADE!  We were SO excited to have his entire family with us and Diego did an amazing job of sitting during the procedures and signing our song to honor and thank the parents for their support.

Zuleika received an award for EFFORT; Glenda and Betsy exchanged gifts


Zuleika was next on the Awards List – her efforts to begin learning as a young adult were recognized. Glenda gave Betsy a gorgeous orchid in thanks for her work with the school this year

mizael participated and received 2 awards



Mizael attended the activity! Though still ill, he was able to play a bell part in our opening.  He received an award for his interest in SCIENCE – though sick, he has been working hard on a science project to be revealed at a later date.  We also presented him with the samurai sword – part of our Bible Sword Drill program – and the admonishment to continue to study his memory verses and to BATTLE ON in his medical appointments.

Larimar was recongized for her accomplishments

Larimar was recognized for her diligence in her studies – she is working non-stop to complete her Level 11 studies before leaving us for North Carolina to which her family is moving during the summer. After her own awards ceremony, Larimar went to see her mother graduate from her nurses’ training program.  It was a great day for her family!

Pastor Rosendo Arvizu spoke; the board members are recognized

It is always an honor for me to interpret for the pastor of my church here in Fajardo. Pastor Rosendo presented a message to us all from Joshua 1. His message was encouraging as well as challenging to each of us to be strong and courageous in our walk with God.

We got a few pictures of the group. Oh, and the Board of Directors and support workers, Valie and Mackay, were given a COMPASS bracelet with the encouragement to continue to seek God’s direction for their own lives and our ministry.

Palmas Community Church brought lunch for everyone; Brother Bau prayed for us.Our activity began at 10:25 and ended at 12:25 with LUNCH brought to us by the Palmas Community Church. They are a special group of people who come each month to encourage us just by remembering us.  We are so thankful for this church and all of the others represented at the activity.

AND our summer newsletter is DONE – yours may be in the mail soon, but you can open and read it here if you like: WTH_Summer2019_small  If you want to print it, this one will print on ONE 8 1/2 by 11 sheet of paper, double-sided.  Please choose LANDSCAPE for the layout.