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January 2020

January 31st, 2020

2020 started off with a rumble as Puerto Rico’s plate began to shift. From the map below (or by clicking the link), you can see the USGS earthquake map of the recent activity.  The school is on the NorthEast corner, so our earthquake experience has been of the very slight variety.  We have felt a few of the more powerful jolts – if it’s over 4.? we usually feel it happening. Our school passed inspection and we have been in classes since January 21.

We were honored to have a table at Maranatha Baptist Church’s missions conference in January. The church has been supporting our principal in prayer and financially for several years now and it was a blessing for Betsy to give back to the church by playing the piano during their missions’ conference.

On January 31, we were visited by Nate (last name unknown) who brought some bags of sports equipment and tossed the baseball to the little kids present.  We will keep the things we feel we will use and pass the rest onto some local churches who are visiting the earthquake zone in support of those who are living in tent cities, at their homes under tarps outside or in temporary shelters waiting to get insurance money to purchase a new home. While the people of the south-west of our island are shaken daily, we pray that they are not stirred from peace with God but rather moved to a firmer belief in His goodness to His Children.