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Make your Meal Mondays!

August 31st, 2017

We have begun a “Make your Meal Monday” program to involve the students in learning to cook. Seems to be a hit so far.  Of course, it’s still early in the school year.  And the coming Monday is a holiday so we have a little break from that part of planning for a week.

This past week the students Made 18 eggs muffins – that link will take you to our recipe write-up.  You can put anything into those. We added a yellow pepper and two kinds of onions so that everyone had something to chop/cut/dice/handle.  The students all seemed to like them (see commentary at end of the recipe) though some said they don’t have those things at home.  We were talking about fast easy breakfast things they could make ahead and warm up when wanted.

The photo on the right shows how happy Delilah is to have her students back.  She rejoices everyday that they are here and mopes around every weekend day. Sweet lady dog.  Edgar has a special attachment to her and I am always happy to see him content.

Thanks for your prayers for our students, our ministry and the light that God is shining through each of us here. Pray that we will bless His name and give Him the praise and glory.