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Prayer & Praise

PRAY for TEACHING STAFF for the 2017-2018 school year and beyond.
We trust that God will supply all our needs according to His riches in glory and also know that prayer is an important part of that supply.

The entire website is prepared with prayer in mind – we want you to know what is going on here, who the workers are and what the needs are. Don’t limit yourself to this page! Please browse the site and pray for the people in the photos. Even as we prepare this, we are praying that God will guide you, our visitors, to pray for us! Thank you!

Specifically we ask you to pray for us as we are called to serve Christ daily.called to serve

Pray for the CSCD Students

At this time (JULY 2017) we have FOUR students to begin the school year in August.  Is this surprising to you?  And yet we have a responsibility to these children and their families.  We have only two full-time workers :

  • Betsy Hoke, our principal/ full-time teacher,
  • Tess Dozier, our office worker/social worker/lunch lady/ASL class teacher

who never lack for ways to serve God here and also in the local churches God has provided for them – as part of the pick up ministry, music ministry and in the Deaf ministries of their churches.

the above photos are from May 2017

We continue to offer a quality education to our students and are able to teach them at their educational need level and see them progress in all areas. We were excited to see the great progress in our two youngest students during the 2016-2017 school year. Amazing things these young ones absorbed, processed and held onto… well, we’ll report on how well they held onto their information when we see them in August 2017.

We are preparing lessons in adult Spanish literacy that will be shared with Deaf adults and we hope to see an Adult Education Program begun under the umbrella of Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf.

Pray with us for workers who are fluent in Spanish English and ASL. We have turned students away from our Siblings of Deaf Kids/Children of Deaf Parents program because of lack of workers.

We also need more Spanish speaking workers to develop connections with hearing parents and spouses of adult Deaf learners. Pray with us for open doors to the Deaf community around us.

Pray that we will be able to locate and serve the Deaf of our island with the Gospel for Jesus Christ.

Other volunteers:

Pray for Hector who is the vice-president of our Board of Directors, our Spanish and Guitar teacher. Pray for Hector as he learns more sign language every time he visits and pray also for his family and their ability to continue to serve CSCD in a part-time fashion. Hector’s wife Gisela is our Tuesday and Thursday cook.


yajaira helping to prepare

  1. Pray for our former students- they often struggle with depression, loneliness, confusion, feelings of isolation due to their deafness. Pray for their relationship with God to be so deep and so real that nothing can shake their faith.  The girl pictured above is transitioning into the Vocational Rehabilitation program (2017).  Pray for her, her VR counselor, and the program of study they seek for her.
  2. Pray for the students as they face transitions and their parents as they make decisions that effect their lives.
  3. Pray for safety in travel around the island, to and from school and in all of our activities.


As others are being tested during this time of economic difficulty, our ministry is  experiencing a drop in giving. We praise God for His faithfulness and ask that you continue to pray that God will continue to provide to meet the needs of the ministry. We are thankful for our new-ish ONLINE DONATION program through e-giving. Check out the CONTRIBUTE webpage to know more.

We have some specific events happening which you can pray for:

  1. Pray for our opportunities to share the ministry and God’s goodness with others – through presentations in churches and to civic groups and organizations interested in learning sign language.
  2. Pray for recent applicants to the CSCD ministry and their submitting of application, references, and eventually obtaining the financial and prayer support to join us full-time.
  3. Pray for Deaf children in the mountains of Puerto Rico and their need to learn about Christ’s love – pray for workers and resources to visit their public school classrooms and establish communication with the teachers, parents and others who would be helpful in establishing online conversations or weekend outreaches for the Deaf.  We continue to visit and were encouraged by changes we saw on Saturday.  God is faithful and we are seeing His work in the lives of these precious people.
  4. Pray for contacts with other churches having Deaf Ministries. Pray that God will help us to create a network of churches that honor Him and teach His Word so that Deaf people around Puerto Rico can have access to His Word.  Pray for the sign language class we will hold at a local church in Luquillo later in August.
  5. Pray for our students’ families – Pray for our wisdom and for our conversations with them to be edifying. Two are not Christians – pray for God’s love to be seen through each aspect of the ministry as they observe us and their children.

Pray for the WORK TEAM as they make as they make plans to impact lives and assist our maintenance program. We are so thankful for the teams who have come this year to help us and those planning to come.


Is your group interested? See our PLANNING PAGE and documents. We would love to have you visit.

  • September 2017
  • October 2017 – Bible outreach team (possibly); electrical workers to repair dorm electrical supply (hopefully)
  • November 2017
  • January 2018
  • February 2018
  • March 2018

Do you want to add your groups to the list?

  1. Pray for work team unity – within the team and also between the work team and the CSCD team
  2. Pray for safety – as they travel here, travel on the island, serve and work around the school grounds
  3. Pray for growth and guidance – as the team members see God at work in a new place in new ways
  4. Pray for communication skills – as team members connect with various students and CSCD workers
  5. Pray for God’s glory to be served and praised as individuals work, take time for God, share in group and meditate in individual devotions

Pray for past workers who have visited and the impact that God and CSCD have had on their lives. We have many visitors each year. God touches lives and some have been interested in continuing their relationship with us. Ask God for guidance for potential full-time workers, short-term workers, and especially for teachers of the Deaf who are interested to join with us. Pray for their interest in the Bible and God to grow so that they can make an eternal impact on the deaf people they may meet in their lives.

Pray for the CSCD TEAM

We are thankful for each full-time missionary worker and the part-time volunteers God brings to us. Please visit the ABOUT US section of this website and pray for each missionary (they also have their own newsletter page – see side menu!) and their sending church and their island church, each volunteer, each member of the CSCD Board, and our friends at WMD and the things God would place on your heart regarding each one.

Pray for LONG TERM workers who would stay long enough to learn the job, have servant-hearts and become capable of growing the ministry along with Betsy and the CSCD Inc board of directors.  We ask new workers 21 and older to commit to a 3 year term of service. Prior to beginning, as part of our interview process, potential workers are required to visit, interview with CSCD Board Members, submit an application and relevant documentation, etc… Get in touch with us through or

whitby 2012 03 04

Pray also for

  1. Unity for the various team members as we work and live and pray and serve together on a daily basis
  2. Clarity of thought and discernment in the classrooms and working with the students
  3. Insight into the students’ minds as we help them to put their thoughts (problems, issues, traumas) into words
  4. Rest and peaceful sleep as the September humidity remains high and sleep is accompanied by sweat drenched sheets and the cacophony of fans.

Pray WITH us:

  1. The staff meets every weekday morning at 7:15 a.m. for prayer during the school term.
  2. We also meet on Mondays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. for prayer, planning and/or Bible study.

You may enjoy this 5 finger prayer reminder from an outside website.


students 2014 02

Students – May 2014