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Prayer & Praise

Pray for student safety in our return to the classroom since the Covid19 contagion occurred.

Pray for our board of directors and their health as well as their vision for the ministry of the school.  We met on January 24, 2020 for our regular board meeting.  Many changes happening around here and yet the MAIN GOAL remains: to win souls for Christ, to nurture our students in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. Continue to pray for God’s leading and blessing on the work.

Pray for Betsy Hoke (above right) as she serves as our only full-time teacher as well as our administrator. Changes to the school licensing board are requiring her to do extra reading of laws in Spanish and ferret out the requirements to maintain the school license. Pray also for her wisdom as she teaches our  1 elementary and 1 high school student and our adult learners and balances the volunteers who can lend a hand in the classroom as well as her work with the adult Deaf people in the surrounding community.

Pray for  our 3 year old class of ONE 🙂 Working with little language learning children is so rewarding and exciting and TIRING as Betsy and/or Loren leads or follows Natalia from activity to activity interpreting, showing new words, helping Natalia to have the ability to share her ideas with others.

Pray for Loren Towne who has joined us for the Jan- May 2020 semester.  Loren is proving her worth as she prepares lunch and the lunch room daily, helps Betsy to prepare the classrooms every morning and helps in  so many ways through the school and work day.

Pray for our students – Zuleika is pictured above – pray for her growth in knowledge of God and His Word, her ability to read His Word or to locate resources that can help her know more of God’s Word, pray for her development of life-skills (counting money, cooking simple meals, household chores, environmental print and vocabulary).

Pray for our men – Valie and Philip – as they do the heavy work around the school repairing fences, trimming trees, replacing rain spouts and other jobs still left as part of hurricane 2017 clean up. (still working on some minor repairs…)

Pray for this website.

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