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Deaf Social Night:

We have “open house” the first Friday evening of each month.  We put out table games and some refreshments and the Deaf people come and enjoy themselves. Some hearing people come too – students of ASL classes in the area – who are wanting to practice their skill. Pray for these opportunities to witness and encourage our community.

Other Deaf:

We have been involved with some local churches – teaching sign language, helping their interpreters to develop skills to interpret the church services, and assisting with counsel for their Deaf attendees.

Pray for these outreach opportunities as well as the NEED for more people fluent in ASL, English and Spanish to bridge the language gaps and aid in reaching the Deaf for Christ.


July 2017

The younger daughters of the family ended their educational stay with us in April when they decided to not return – against parental wished.  Pray for the family dynamics.

Another missionary is visiting the family each week and teaching truths from the Bible – very difficult since no one reads… pray for her creativity and the Holy Spirit to make the concepts stick in the minds and hearts of the family members.

Pray for wisdom in knowing what God would have us to do or not to do next.  After 7 years of association with this family, our director is praying for direction in how to maintain her friendship with the parents as an encouragement to them.

Some history:  ________________________________________________________

We don’t know exactly how the family  got into the state of disrepair in which we have found them, but we thank God for the circumstances that led their second oldest daughter to ESD in February 2010.

Pray with us for God’s leading as to what other ways we can assist this family.

orocovis 2012 11

While we have visited as often as possible since August 2011, we have not been able to do any serious work.  On May 22 2012, a group of workers from Calvary Bible Church in Hanover PA brought new curtains – made to specifications to replace the random curtains and blankets knotted on the windows.

cbc hanover orocovis 2

They installed a door that was made to specifications by a Christian door maker in the Fajardo area. The house door frame was a little off square so some work was done there first to make sure the door would close and fit well. The end result is lovely.

cbc hanover orocovis 1

Teodoro was excited with the improvements in his home. He loved the new shelf lining on the kitchen cupboards and excitedly showed how he would like more to wallpaper the living room. We are trying to talk him into some paint to cover the old paneling there until another work group could come and perhaps help to remove and install something suitable.

Standing behind the caulker is “Mark” the team project manager. We walked around the house and he had carried the door down the last little trek from the road so he knew a door was in the works. After walking around and under the house, Mark stood there in the living room. I could tell from his face the work he saw was overwhelming. I asked him, “What are you thinking?” His reply was, “I don’t know where to start.”

There IS that much to DO both on the house and in the lives of this family. God has shown us the need. And we will do what we can to meet it.

So I said to Mark, “Install the door.”

We CAN’T do it all. But we can install a door. And curtains. And in doing this, we can pray that God’s love flowing through our hands and through our visits will make a difference in these lives. And some day, we will have the language and insights into how to effectively communicate the message of the Gospel to this family.

cbc hanover orocovis 3