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In 1957, U.S. missionaries who were ministering to the deaf in Jamaica answered God’s call to bring the Gospel to the deaf in Puerto Rico.

These new missionaries quickly learned that most of the deaf were illiterate. Without a written language, how could these deaf read and study and learn from the Bible?

The first step for the missionaries was to establish a school. They opened a school in a farm house in Barrio Casa Blanca, Luquillo and incorporated their ministry in 1959 as Evangelical Deaf Missions.

Several years later, an additional a two- story building was erected to house three classrooms, a library and audio/visual room downstairs and a dorm with and attached counselors residence upstairs.

Hundreds of students  passed through Evangelical School for the Deaf.

In 2011, the school was reincorporated as Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf, Inc. as the board and staff began to envision more outreach and an enlarged vision to include adult ministries.

Today’s students continue to receive Christian education at a low cost.