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Deaf in Puerto Rico


Pagina informativa 2021 03 (pdf):  Grupos de apoyo para personas Sordas en Puerto Rico

Before asking to have your website listed here, please think – are you coming from PR?  is your website directly related to PR Deaf issues? Does your website impact those working with the Deaf in PR? Is your website accessible to the DEAF Community by offering interpreted videos?   If you are answering NO, please don’t send your e-mail request. If you answered YES, send your request to the ministry office.  Thank you for your consideration. – the WebPerson

How many Deaf people live in Puerto Rico?

2012: octubre
Marcha de Manos article regarding status of ADA related to the Deaf community

2021: Deaf Early Intervention in Puerto Rico: A Qualitative Study (excellent study of the current situation of Deaf newborns – 4 year old in PR – neglected, marginalized)

Academia Estudios Relacionado A Los Sordos
while this organization seems to have terminated, their webpage lists churches and groups who are still active. If you find a website or link that works, please let us know so that we can update this page.

Assistive Technology
Program of Puerto Rico

Biographies of Deaf Latinos

Deaf Mosaic episode from 1993 describing the plight of the Deaf in Puerto Rico
where educational services lag far behind demand

Deaf Nation visits Puerto Rico

Financial Resources and Discounts for Students with Disabilities

Gracias Video Remote Interpreting

National Hispanic and Latino Association of the Deaf

Puerto Rico Assistive Technology Program

Project Vision
A Bilingual Website for Latinos with Disabilities

Puerto Rico Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Purple (Hands-On Video Relay Services)

Sign Language Interpreters Inc.

Sorenson Video Relay