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Deaf Ministries Links

Deaf Ministries Links

(These ministries work with the Deaf in various locations. While some may have doctrinal differences we do pray that God will bless His Word as it goes forth. Luke 9:49-50)

2 Thess 3:1 pray for these, that the word of the Lord may have [free] course, and be glorified

kansas 2012 02ASL Bible

Deaf Ministries PDF FIle (2009)
compiled 2009 by a university student who agreed to allow us to use it

American Ministries for the Deaf

Bob Rumball Center for the Deaf – Toronto Ontario Canada

Caribbean Christian Center for the Deaf – Jamaica

Cayo Deaf Institute – Belize

Commission on Compassion – Deaf-blind ministry in Los Angeles California

Christian Mission for the Deaf – Africa

Deaf Harvest International

Deaf Ministries Connections – comprehensive listing of ministries working with the Deaf worldwide

Deaf Missions – Council Bluffs Iowa

Escuela Cristiana Para Sordos – San Salvador, El Salvador
Christian School for the Deaf

Evangelical Church for the Deaf – David Rawlings

Fiji Deaf Ministry and Gospel School for the Deaf

Gospel Deaf Ministries and Northwest Christian Camp for the Deaf

Harvest Deaf Ministries – Reggie Rempel

Haitian Christian Center for the Deaf

Jamaican Christian School for the Deaf

Life Coach and Mentoring Services – Laura Brecheen

LINK – ASL sermon series supported by Deaf Missions

Primera Iglesia Bautista De Ceiba, Puerto Rico – Carlos Motta

Puerto Rico Deaf Ministries – David and Marsha Mitchell

Rancho Sordomudo Mexico

Silent Word Ministries (Georgia, USA)

Wycliffe Summer Institute of Linguistics website regarding
Mexican Sign Language

Wycliffe Bible Translators Summer Institute of Linguistics ASL Track

Wycliffe Bible Translation in Spanish Sign Language