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Deaf Education Resources

Welcome to our Resources in Education Page!

Clerc Center (Gallaudet University resources)

Dept de Educacion en Puerto Rico: recursos para maestros

Financial Guide to Parenting a Child with HearingLoss

Guide to Hearing Loss

Healthy Sleep Guide for people with disabilities and hearing loss

National Deaf Center on Postsecondary Outcomes

Recursos para Familias Latinas

Senior Deaf – Caring for Deaf Seniors 

SignSpeak Education

List of Deaf-Friendly Universities  Edubirdie

Teaching English to Deaf Children

English Language Centre  Victoria University


English Center at Gallaudet University

English Club 

Supporting English Acquisition (NTID)

Ensenando Espanol

Recursos Profe Recursos


Teaching Reading to Deaf Children

Civics, Employment and a variety of ESL resources with controlled syntax and vocabulary

Deaf Children Learning Center from University of Oxford

ESL Literacy Readers from BowValley College

Improving Reading Comprehension Skills 

Principles for Reading to Deaf Children

Shared Reading Project Gallaudet

Visual Language Story Book App

Teaching Math to Deaf Children

STEM Sign Video Dictionary   

ASL Math Dictionary


Teaching BIBLE to Deaf Children

Deaf Bible Society

Deaf Missions video resources

Overview and Books of the Bible

Silent Blessings Resources







Links related to information and issues among the Deaf 

and in Education of Deaf Children  – deafness

Accessible Emergency Information

American Sign Language web browser

American Sign Language Resource Guide at Wise Old Sayings

American Speech and Hearing Association

ASL Math Academy (

ASL Resources
Country name signs

ASL Rose
ASL-English bilingual bi-cultural
educational materials for Deaf children

Beginnings for Parents
of Deaf and Hard of Hearing children
en espanol  en ingles

Books and videos for purchase

Center for Accessible Technology in Sign (children)

Center for Accessible Technology in Sign (index)

Center for Disease Control
Hearing Loss and Deafness pamphlets
informacion de la sordera en español

Christian School for the Deaf
San Salvador, ElSalvador

Communication Service for the Deaf (CSD)

Deaf Education Teacher Preparation Programs

Deaf Hope – Canadian Deaf Ministries International

Deaf Internet Video

Deaf Missions Daily Devos


Deaf Opportunity Outreach – D.O.O.R. International

Disability and Business Technical Assistance Center
SouthWest office

Discovering Deaf Worlds

Family Health Reference to ASL for US Insurance Agents

Gallaudet University VideoLibrary Catalog

Hampshire View Baptist Deaf Church
Sermon Vlogs

Hands On Video Relay

Harris Communications – online ASL store

Hearing Loss Association of America HLAA

Helping Deaf Students to Flourish- Gospel Coalition

Hear Store (hearing amplification devices)

I Can Hear You Whisper
article re: deafness and cochlear implants

John Tracy Clinic
resources for speech reading
and early interventions

Mission Frontiers (2014)
Deaf Ministries and Missions

National Deaf Education Project

National Institute on Deafness
and other Communication Disorders

People Groups – Enter DEAF into the search bar.

Primera Iglesia Bautista de Ceiba, Puerto Rico – Ministerio a los Sordos

Ohio Distinctive Software 
Browse for cheap and accessible ASL dictionaries and learning software

People Groups – type in the word Deaf in the search bar and you will get information

Post-secondary Educational Programs Network:
Advancing Educational Opportunities for People who are Deaf and Hard-of-hearing

Planet EYEth

Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf

Sign Language Interpreters, Inc.

Signing Savvy ASL Sign Language Resource

Silent Word Ministries

Silent Blessings Ministry
Dr. Wonder’s Workshop
Finger Food Cafe
Deaf Ministries resources

Sorenson Video Relay 

Speech Pathology links
best sites for Speech Pathology

Sprint Relay

ONLINETerp Savvy   Online Interpreter Career Development

Wycliffe Bible Translators
Articles on Deaf Culture and Bible Translation

World Christian Resource Directory

World Federation of the Deaf

XtraMath – in ASL


What is the deaf population of Puerto Rico?
Fact sheet compiled by CSCD staff

Illinois School for the Deaf –Cochlear Implant Support South Carolina School for the Deaf and Blind

Texas School for the Deaf Math Sign Language Dictionary

vanAsch School for the Deaf – New Zealand

Deaf  artists and professionals

China Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe
Dance of 1000 hands

Deaf Performing Artists Network

Deaf View/Image Art  De’VIA
archival site from a 1999 – 2000 art show

Dieter Fricke – Deaf German artist

Evelyn Glennie – percussionist

Kathy Buckley – Deaf Comedienne

Ron Johnson – Living Food Farm

Suggested Websites related to Vision Impairment
(with special thanks to Mrs. Galvin’s class)

for Visually Impaired Travellers

Vermont Division for Blind and Visually Impaired


Home Remodeling for Accessibility by Persons with Disabilities


In Florida

Coupon resources for people with disabilities


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