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Visiting the Island

If you are coming to the island, here are some places we have tried and liked:

(all links lead away from the CSCD site. The content may not be what you like so use caution.)

teaser photo 2Rent a car! It’s a MUST for getting around and you will want to get around. Car rentals are easily arranged from San Juan airport. Book through your travel agent or travel website.


  • Planning ahead will save you time when you get here.
  • Print your directions before you fly!
  • Look at this EVENTS site to help in making your plans.

CSCD is not a travel agency nor is it a hotel or youth hostel. The suggestions you may read here are simply suggestions from CSCD workers and visitors. Please do not call the CSCD office to request assistance in your travel planning. If you are on the island and would like to visit CSCD for a few hours one day, please send an e-mail to to make arrangements.

teaser photo 1Traveling from San Juan and heading west…

Rincon (on the west side)

Caves (a private tour )

Visit the ZOO in Mayaguez!
Parque Zoologico Dr. Juan A Rivero (info as of March 2011)
Endangered corals on the west coast and the biologists helping them

teaser photo 3In the western interior

Check out PARADORES  to find a perfect small inn for a quiet escape from the grind.

In the southwest

Visit Guiligan’s Island in Guanica


teaser photo 5On the south near Ponce

Stay at the Ponce Hilton or Holiday Inn
Visit Hacienda Buena Vista  and the Museum of Art

In Culebra  //   Ferry schedule (2023) 

In Vieques   //

On the northeast corner

stay in the Fajardo Inn, eat at the Blue Iguana (Mexican food),
and try out the water park
Stop to see a COQUI 
Go snorkelling in the cays off the northeast coast

Kayak to the biobay

Visit the El Yunque Rainforest

For beaches, stop by Seven Seas beach and
the Cabezas de San Juan Preserve (reservations required)

Also the balneario (public beach with paid parking, toilets and showers)
in Luquillo!
While in Luquillo, check out the KIOSKS. (updated October 2022)

We like #2 La Parrilla,  Terruno  and Edeweiss  for a variety of items.
Also #60 for alcapurrias and empanadillas and other delicacies of that nature.

In Luquillo

stay at the Luquillo Sunrise Inn
and of course, make a plan to stop by CSCD and spend a little time with us!

teaser photo 4In San Juan

Fort San Cristobal
Fort El Morro

Use to check out more places in San Juan.  There are many!

Several other sites that may help you find a fun event

Information regarding events   /

Go to Lonely Planet for more information.