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Mid March Madness

March 14th, 2022
Our T/Th volunteer cook / the big boys and their teachers – Henry working on our new magnet center

Not really MAD… but today – March 14, 2022 seemed to be a day of anomalies –

NO WATER this morning  *  No students because our principal had a medical appointment (GOOD REPORT)  and other appointments through the day * A student-parent-teacher conference that requires much prayer still * Resetting some of our internet system so that the classroom computer will be online (SUCCESS) * A new parent with two hearing-impaired sons seeking an educational option (WE NEED TEACHERS!) * and finally our youngest arrived for her language therapy class while her parents and siblings had their own ASL class.  WHEW. Oh but midway through that, the water came back on and the reservoir tanks on the roofs overflowed and then someone hid the shovel and there is a dead bird in the courtyard!  At least we can shower…

Saturday we had our monthly gathering of friends.  A friend came and taught us one way to make paper flowers.  GOOD TIMES were had!

Thank you for praying for the ministry!