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Prayer & Praise

August 2023

Pray for our transition from High School focused academics to Tutoring Early Elementary children.

Pray for our school dining room, our volunteers coming to help teach Home Ec and Life Skills and our adult Deaf learners who desire to improve their skillsets.


Pray for the preschool language development class that meets on Wednesdays and Fridays after school hours.


Pray for our board of directors and their health as well as their vision for the ministry of the school.    Many changes happening around here and yet the MAIN GOAL remains: to win souls for Christ, to nurture our students in the discipline and admonition of the Lord. Continue to pray for God’s leading and blessing on the work.

Pray for Valie as he has some back and neck problems. He is a willing worker but recently has been in pain.

Pray for Faviola who is Deaf, doing her studies by video class with her mother as her interpreter, and who meets with Betsy remotely daily for ASL and English classes. Pray for her need to develop friendships and language skills. Pray that she will understand the message of God’s love and grace.

Pray for our Second Saturday, Third Friday and Fourth Saturday activities with the Deaf community. Pray for the Bible studies we have through local churches and the spiritual needs of the Deaf who have no church and no access to interpreters.

Pray for Mizael who is beginning at NTID in August 2023.  Pray for Henry who is at this date LOST in the foster care system.  Pray that Henry will be able to reach out to us for help if he needs it.  Pray for Natalia and Salem as they enter their next grades in their mainstreamed programs – pray that their education, emotional,  and spiritual needs will be met and that we will be able to recognize their needs  and their families’ needs and help them along the way.

Pray for our dorms.  Thank God for these and ask Him to bring workers or adult students who would use the dorms. Pray for the future use of the dorms.


Pray for the classrooms.  We have 4. Ask God to bring teachers and students for these spaces. Ask Him to provide assistants for the classes as well.


Pray for the chapel.  Thank God for this space. Pray for the adult ministry and those who come for fellowship.  Let us not just play but let us bless each one who comes with encouragement from God’s Word.


Pray for the office.  Thank God for the computer and tools we have to manage our ministry. Ask God to provide an administrator who speaks Spanish and English and ASL.


Pray for the grounds.  Thank God for this land and pray for the landowner, the potential to buy the property and God’s direction over this.


Pray for our ASL classes – those that are working with church interpreters, those that are teaching children ASL.  Ask God to bless the teachers and students and raise up more interpreters for His churches.


Pray for the kitchen.  Thank God for this space and ask Him to use it for His glory.  Pray for the Home Ec classes we hope to have with the adult deaf and for the blessing of seeing people share together over meals. Pray for a cook.


Pray for the library.  Pray for the remote classes being taught from there.  Pray for the times of fellowship we share in the library.  Pray for more opportunities to reach out to the deaf community by video and more opportunities to sit together and share.


Pray for our workshop and the tools. Thank God for these and ask Him to protect the workers who use them.  Pray for the next work teams.


Pray for our vehicles.  Thank God for these and ask Him to protect those who drive on the roads of Puerto Rico.  Ask Him to lead us to the Deaf who need to know Him.


Pray for Betsy Hoke as she serves as our only full-time teacher as well as our administrator. Changes to the school licensing board are requiring her to do extra reading of laws in Spanish and ferret out the requirements to maintain the school license. Pray also for her wisdom as she teaches our adult learners and balances the volunteers who can lend a hand in the classroom as well as her work with the adult Deaf people in the surrounding community.

Pray for  our  6 year old  and the 5 year old Deaf girls who come for language development 🙂 Working with little language learning children is so rewarding and exciting and TIRING as we lead or follow the girls from activity to activity interpreting, showing new words, helping them to have the ability to share her ideas with others.

Pray for Dave Markle as he begins his second year of serving with CSCD.  Pray for his safety and wisdom in the work he is doing on roofs, electrical troubles and plumbing.

Pray for Amber as she reintegrates into life in the USA.  We are thankful for her two years of service and and pray that she will continue to serve the Deaf community wherever God leads her.

Pray for our students –  pray for their growth in knowledge of God and His Word, their ability to read His Word or to locate resources that can help them  know more of God’s Word, pray for their development of life-skills (counting money, cooking simple meals, household chores, environmental print and vocabulary).

Pray for our men – Valie and David – as they do the heavy work around the school repairing fences, trimming trees, replacing rain spouts and other jobs. (major and minor)

Pray for this website.

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