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We are asking God to send us workers for our ministry – people who have an education to work with the deaf, people who have some experience with the deaf, people who have a desire to work with the deaf but lack training and experience. Check out THIS PAGE for info.

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CSCD,INC. does not discriminate by race, gender, economic status or political ideology. All volunteer workers are required to adhere to the Doctrinal Statement of the Ministry.

We are specifically praying for mature Christians who would join our team long-term (three years or more) as

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  • grounds worker – able to mow lawns, do small repairs on vehicles, plumbing and buildings, willing to take vehicles to be serviced and oversee their on-going preventive maintenance, able to help work teams with purchasing and organizing work projects
  • ministry / school office worker – filing, typing, answering the phone – Spanish language is required for this position. We are willing to accept a nonSpanish speaker who is willing to learn the language. (The office worker may be asked to assist with keyboarding classes, grounds work, lunch room and driving responsibilities as well as carrying out errands related to the administrative aspects of the ministry.)
  • cook – Spanish speaking is a plus for the school cook. We are presently preparing lunches only for the students. Many students arrive to school with an empty tummy. As we do not have a cook, we provide granola bars and milk from each teacher’s kitchen for our hungry students. We would love to have hot breakfasts and lunches on a daily basis for our students.


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  • have experience as a teacher or have a degree in education of the deaf
  • BA, BS, AA, or higher in education or a related field over 21 years of age (no upper age limit but must be in good health)
  • who love God above all else and
  • have a desire to serve God and your fellow Christians
  • like a challenge
  • desire to teach in a Christian environment


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(Short-term workers may also contact us to arrange a working visit.)

We are accepting applications for the position of JUNIOR MISSIONARY for the coming school year. IF you are a born-again Christian

  • between the ages of 19 and 21
  • with some knowledge of sign language and a desire to learn more by immersion
  • able to work long hours in a classroom or as a grounds/support worker or in the kitchen
  • willing to adapt to living in a group setting are stable, mature and independent while being able to accept direction and share the work load
  • love God with all your heart and mind and strength and
  • want to serve God for a school year to sample missions’ work

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If you are interested in any of these positions or one that we have not mentioned that you feel God is leading you to do, please contact our school office at 787 889 3488 or email us.