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Each worker at the Christian School and Chapel for the Deaf is a missionary sent by a church to do God’s work at CSCD.   To know more about the word MISSIONARY,  click on the following link:

What is a missionary?

or watch this video –  The Missionary Call by M. David Sills

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Interested in a working visit? Interested in checking out the possibilities of joining the CSCD ministry?

First, KNOW that every worker at CSCD is a MISSIONARY (i.e. unpaid by the ministry, working for God and supported by gifts and donations and offerings sent by your own home church or friends in support of God’s work at CSCD).

  1. Read through the ENTIRE website and pray about your involvement. Where would God have you work?
  2. Do you agree with our Doctrinal Statement? (Or, are you willing to abide by it during a visit?)
  3. Read THIS AGREEMENT (print it, sign it and bring it along or mail it in!) This will help you to know our expectations of visiting workers and the standards we strive to uphold. The same standards are applied to full-time and part-time workers.
  4. Christians interested in SHORT (2 to 4 years) or LONG TERM (3 to 50 years) service should begin at home. Talk to the leadership of your church or Bible fellowship. Then contact the school office!We believe that training for missions begins in the home church, that spiritual disciplines are developed under the instruction of pastors, Sunday school teachers, and youth pastors, that spiritual gifts are brought out by the Holy Spirit in the context of the Body of Christ known as the local church.  Without that background and training, in general, people are unprepared to join a missions team. Additionally, they often lack the much-needed prayer and emotional support needed for cross-cultural work.
  5. READ these (one or all!)
    • God’s Calling Plan by Gordon MacDonald• The Complete Book of Discipleship: On Being and Making Disciples of Christ by Bill Hull
    Discipling the Nations: The Power of Truth to Transform Cultures by Darrow L. MIller
  6. Look at and pray about completing THIS APPLICATION
  7. Take some brief on-line free leadership course (Daily Bread website) and plan to take this leadership assessment as part of your application process.

Perhaps, God has called YOU to come to CSCD in a full-time capacity?

Maybe God has called YOU to come to CSCD in a short term way?

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